About Hemant Sharma


Digital Marketing and Social Media Consulting from Hemant Sharma

  • For Small Business – To Make Their Local Presence
  • For Medium Business – To Grow on Global Domain
  • For Brand Owners – To Build Prominent Brand Space

Industries : FMCG, Cosmetics, Food & Drinks, Financial Domain, Real Estates & Interiors, Health & Fitness, Technologies

Digital Marketing and Social Media Training from Hemant Sharma

  • For Business Owner – To Make Them Aware About Value of Digital Marketing
  • For Business Team – To Build their Knowledge & Expertise to Harness More out of Talent

Industries : Information Technologies, Education, Financial Sector, Real Estate, Health & Fitness


  • Target Traffic : It was never about the traffic but always about the Target Traffic. If you are not generating Target Traffic, your expectation about Review & Profit could not be met. Through my consultancy, you can understand well about your Target Traffic and we can work together on successful strategy to achieve it.
  • Proven Strategies : It’s not just the common strategy but the Proven One which going to work. With my consulting, I shall suggest only and implement those Strategies which are Proven and Customise to your business Goals, Time Horizon, Budget and Expectation. Understanding mutually and implementing fully is the key to success.
  • Visitor Matters : A visitor is good but converting that into customer is everything. Visitor behaviour on your website tell something important. I will make strategy to properly analyse & optimise your web pages & content so that maximum visitors could be converted into customers to gain more revenue & maximise profit.

How Does Digital Marketing Work?

As more and more consumers are doing their buying online, a serious business cannot leave the Digital Marketing to just luck. Digital Marketing is all about making your Business, Brand, Product or Service stand among the potential customer online. It’s more than that in long run. To experience the depth and breath of Digital Marketing schedule a Virtual or Physical meeting.

What industries do you specialise into?

While my services could be offered to all businesses type either local or global. I got experience working with several industries globally which are but not limited to Information Technologies, Education, FMCG, Cosmetics, Food & Drinks, Financial Domain, Real Estates & Interiors, Health & Fitness, Technologies

Do you work on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Absolutely, I do work on SEO. In fact, Search Engine Optimization is considered the best inbound marketing method. And you know well that inbound marketing is always work great if you have long term vision for your Business, Brand or Product. Contact to discuss Technical SEO, On-page SEO, Link Building, Off-page, Local or International SEO

Do you also deal with Social Media activities?

Social Media Profiles and Platform Activities are must for any business. A serious business should not leave it to luck. Regular social media posts, social media calendar, creative posts & stories design these are considered the basic activities to perform. Please contact with your requirements and I will take care of it.